Carbon Guards - Tesla Model 3

Installing your Carbon Guards for the Tesla Model 3


Before you start you'll need the following tools & consumables
  • Flat head screw driver
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Paper towels
  • x 4 pcs 3M tape (1/4” by 10”)
  • 3M adhesive promoter (optional)
  • Masking tape, (any low tack tape will work such as blue painters tape or even post it notes. DO NOT USE A HIGH TACK TAPE!!!


Step 1. Start by taking your flat head screw driver and pop out the plastic clips, (one per wheel well) that correspond with the big hole on the carbon guards.

Note : Tiny holes on the Carbon Guards are used to assist in manufacturing. They do not mount to anything directly.

Note : Plastic clips remove by first popping out the core. Once the core is sticking out the clip will release tension. You can then back it out with a flat head.


Step 2. Wipe the wheel well areas with rubbing alcohol (painted surfaces) where the carbon guards will sit. Use a fresh portion of the paper towel every time. Clean in a “wipe on and wipe off” fashion until the paper towel no longer gets discolored. Gently wipe the exposed carbon fiber surface with a hardly damp cloth as well.

Note : Rubbing alcohol will not harm your Model 3’s paint or the carbon guards if the paper towel is only damp and you wipe off within a few seconds. Do not let the rubbing alcohol pool or drip down the paint. It won’t harm your paint, but play it safe. A mist bottle with rubbing alcohol is a safe way to go if you’re worried about “how much damp is too damp”.

Note : When cleaning the Carbon Guards with rubbing alcohol, do not allow the rubbing alcohol to touch the rubberized back coating. Only clean the area gently where the 3M tape will be applied to.


Step 3. Line up the Carbon Guards with one hand and apply a line of tape onto the Model 3’s painted surface over the tip of the carbon guard with the other hand. This is so you have a visual as to where the Carbon Guard will sit on the Model 3.


Step 4. Take your cut of 3M tape and apply it on the edge of the fender or bumper starting ½” below your tapeline. Once neatly applied, rub firmly back and forward to massage onto the Model 3.


Step 5. Peel back an inch of the 3M tape’s backing and fold it on a 45 degree angle. The tail should be sticking away from the car towards you. Mount the guards using the clip you removed earlier. (Carbon fiber side facing the rear of the car)


Step 6. Before sticking the guards down firmly onto the 3M tape, gently touch the guard down so its touching well enough to hold. Use the 3M tape temporarily to assist you in holding the guards in place so you can adjust and have them angled properly. Check all four sides multiple times before you commit to fully sticking them down. DO NOT PRESS FIRMLY YET! 


Step 7. With one hand, apply gentle pressure to the Carbon Guard while pulling on the tape tail you folded earlier. By applying gradual pressure going from up to down and pulling the tape tail you’ll get an even air void free stick. Once the tape tail is fully removed press firmly. Allow time to cure before high speed driving. 3M tape achieves full bond strength between 24 – 48 hours. This does not mean you can not drive your car for that long, just be mindful of the guards and keep the speed low.


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